Make every chair ergonomic

Sit up straight effortlessly, no matter where you sit. Improve your posture and your overall wellbeing.
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Poor Posture Causes

Neck, shoulder & back pain and a tension-type headache, which is the most common type of headache and the one we think of as a normal, everyday headache.

BackGenie Advantages

  • Perfect posture effortlessly, no matter where you sit
  • Reduced tension on your spine
  • Reduced pressure on your neck, shoulders and lower back
  • Immediate relief from the pain of sitting slouched
  • Trains your body to sit up straight over time
  • Super comfortable, with softly padded knee and back cushions
  • Lightweight and portable

How it Works

BackGenie will help you sit up straight effortlessly

Meet Dr. Gary Freeman, Chiropractor

For my patients who slouch, developing a better sitting posture requires forming a new habit. Using BackGenie can help retrain correct sitting posture, thereby reducing lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting. I've used these devices for over 25 years with good results.


  • My shoulders and neck, not only my back relaxes and feels so much better with this device. It’s so simple, but it simply works

    – Michael Wang, San Francisco; CA

  • This has totally transformed the way I sit at my desk

    – Katrina Dennell, Houston; TX

  • When I put on my BackGenie the first time, I felt such a relief. It is now essential to my well-being

    – Jameel Padmore, Melbourne; Australia

  • If you get back pain when you sit for long hours, this could give you massive relief. Don't ever stop making these!

    – Michelle Tan, Singapore

  • It feels wonderful on the back

    – Jules Garret, London; United Kingdom

  • It kind of straps you into your chair and doesn’t let you slouch

    – Mark Hudnall, Toronto; Canada

Perfect Posture Effortlessly

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